Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As We Embrace Our Dreams

As we embrace our dreams

The time for dreamers to sleep has ended,
Awake; tell us of your dreams.
What new paths are now before us?
What new events are we to share?
What new dangers can we now avoid?
What new wonders are to unfold?

Tell us, dreamers that no longer sleep
Where are we now to go?
What of our yesterdays
Now that tomorrow has now come
What new memories are yet before us?
What new visions have you to give?

Dreamers, come forth
Inspire us with your dreams
Teach us new clarities
Breach the walls of our ignorance
Lead us into that new dawn.

Awake -dreams within us
Take us to this new space
Dream places where we would escape
New realities –await us
As we embrace our dreams.

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